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Aluminium Foil Paper Golden Furniture Stove Oil-proof Waterproof Contact Paper Kitchen Stickers -Gold Color
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Price RM10.00 - RM100.00 RM20.00 - RM110.00
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Brand Kellyshops
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Gold Foil WallPaper Mats

To apply, Simply: 

1. Open and then cover up on your wall or cupboard.


Best to apply at: 

Kitchen cabinet, drawer, pads refrigenerator


Why buy our products:

Waterproof & eco-friendly
Protects your wall and cupboard.


Do not fade, non stick surface & easy to wipe dirt 
Quick and easy to wipe dirt without leave any stain and not excise..






Customer questions & answers 


Question 1: How does make sure stain easy to wipe up?
Answer: The product is waterproof and strong resistant from leaving any stain by wiping it up easily and quick.


Question 2: Does the gold foil paper wrinkled if exposed directly to sunlight so long?

Answer: It would not give any wrinkles, even falling from liquid, foil paper can remain as it is.

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