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3D Rose Flower Pattern Frosted Glass Window Shading Film Tinted [Size: 90cm x 100cm]
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Rose Flower Pattern Frosted Glass Window Shading Film Tinted


Designed with beautiful 3D effect patterns on it, make the window glass unique, become your window decoration too  while protecting your privacy


GLUE-FREE STICKER:By using technology of static,the window film can stick to the glass without any glue,so it is easy to apply,and reusable.
EASY REMOVABLE WINDOW FILM:It is very easy to remove the window film without any damage to itself or any stain on the glass either.

Elegant flower Pattern, Enjoyable Visual Effect: Need decoration at home? With the beautiful bamboo pattern, this 3D decorative window film adds beauty to your home and office. It can also create beautiful visual effects under different light conditions.

96% UV Rays Blocked out, Softened Light Streaming in: Fight against the invisible UV rays even at home! This frosted window covering can reflect 96% UV rays back and protect your skin, also preventing the furniture from fading. It can soften strong sunlight and ensure plenty of privacy meanwhile.

So Easy To Work With, So Fun To Apply: You could apply the film easily with water and a squeegee, or a credit card, towel. Teamwork would be more helpful and just enjoy the fun of DIY! (Don’t Forget to Remove the Backing Film First!)




How to install window film?


  1. Clean glass(make sure your glass is clean and smooth).
  2. Wet glass(the more water,the better).
  3. Cut the film into required size and peel off the transparent backing film.
  4. Past the smooth side to glass.
  5. Scraper the film from up to down,left to right.
  6. Cut the excess film(leave a small gap about 2 cm between the film and window to let water flow out).


Installation Tutorial



  • Easy to install and remove, no residue, no fumes, no damage and environmental friendly. It can be reused again even after several years if not be damage or smudged

  • Protects privacy and improves security while allowing natural light in.

  •  Can be applied on all the smooth flat glass surface(like window, mirror, glass table for bathroom, kitchen, bedroom,office and etc).



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