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(Marble) Waterproof White Marble Contact Paper Wallpaper Sticker Just Peel and Stick Easy Install
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To apply, Simply: 

1. Clean on surface/wall you want to apply 
2. Take out Marble contact paper
3. Position, measure and cut (make sure precise to look nicely)
4. Use wiper/
squeegee to rub over on surface consistently for stick strongly purpose
5. Put stuff back in place (for table)


Suitable and recommend for: 

Homeowner, family, children, renter


Best to apply at: 

Floor, wall, timber (door and cabinet), living room, bedding room, study room, kid's room, TV background, tables and other flat surface. 
*NOTE: NOT RECOMMEND SURFACE that has ash, broken, wet painted textile and uneven surface.*


Why buy our products:

Waterproof, Environmental protection, Soundproof, Heat insulation, Anti-static.


Replaceable into modern marble countertops from outdated furniture
Look like a modern, pretty, and vogue as your ideal style.


Removeable, repaint, and reinstall by you wish
A THICK PVC made, easy to remove or peel it and reinstall another design by your own wish


Do not fade, non stick surface & easy to wipe dirt 
Quick and easy to wipe dirt without leave any stain and not excise.


Last long > 5 years
A strong, hgh resistance and maintain durability


Save time and easy DIY 
Doing it yourself without hiring someone to help you up, save time and cost.


Measurement : 60cm Width / 80cm Width





Installation Guide:



Customer questions & answers 

Question 1: How long does it last?

Answer: Can up more than 5 years.


Question 2: Does the PVC marble paper change into different shape or get wet if pouring from hot water?Answer: No, it's guarantee a waterproof, moisture-proof and heat insulation product.


Question 3: I live in a rented apartment so I might need to remove the paper from my counter top. Will I be able to remove it without any damage?

Answer: I will be fine to remove from your counter top. you will enjoy the look. i will be doing it to my counter top too. i did put this on my desk and two end tables. had to take off and reapply and it was fine. 


Question 4: Is this stain resistant?

Answer: It's fairly stain resistant. ...because it's finish is very slick and high gloss, as well as basically made out of plastic, it would take a lot to stain it. However, if it gets stained is not like a natural material where you can sand it/repaint it/etc.... 

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